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Registration Help

Listed below are the steps of how to register as an employee.

1) New User Registration
In the upper left side of the screen, click the link that says New User Registration.

2) Under Sign Up for Your New Account, select Employee/Insured.

3) Once your selection has been made, a screen with the Employee/Insured Box and your Administrator Box with appear. Click the Next button.

4) Enter your personal information

5) For Date of Birth – Enter your Date of Birth in the format of MM/DD/YYYY.

6) For SSN – Enter a nine digit Social Security Number. Do not include dashes (–) or slashes (/). If this field reads Member ID instead, enter the Member ID found on your ID card.

7) Once all personal information has been entered, click the Next button.

8) Sign up for a unique user name and password

User Name – Create a unique User Name
Password – Your Password should be a minimum length of eight characters, with at least one letter, one number and one of the following: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )
Enter your Email address
Enter a Security Question and Security Answer
Note: The Security Question will be displayed as a reminder if you click on Forgot Your Password?
When using Forgot Your Password?, you must enter your Security Answer.
Click the Create User button
Please make a record of your User Name, Password, Security Question and Security Answer. You will use the User Name and Password to access the web site. If you forget your Password, you can answer the Security Question to request a new password.

9) For Customer Service, please call the phone number listed on your ID card.


1) Once you have successfully created your User Name and Password, click the Continue button. Log in using the User Name and Password that you just created.

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